For Buyers

Helping Buyers Find Their Perfect Home in the Hudson Valley

Why Rouse + Co?

We are a vibrant, locally owned and operated brokerage, now a rarity in the Hudson Valley real estate market. Nobody understands our community better than our agents because we are equally immersed and invested in it as the clients we represent. We understand what you’re looking for and our dedicated resources will help you find it. Our job doesn’t end when we find you the perfect house. We’ll be your guide through the negotiations, inspections, contracts and closing and be a trusted resource from there on out.

We pride ourselves on “getting it”; being able to intuitively grasp our clients needs, but at the same time, we listen. Because we’re local, we’ll tell you what you need to know beyond what you see on Instagram. Whether it means scouring 4 counties or snapping up the first place you see; your agent will be a partner and educator, walking you through every step of the process to help you secure the home you want.

Preparation is key! Getting pre-approved by a lending institution or obtaining a proof of funds will make any future offers you make that much stronger. Be sure to have a clear idea of what your wants and needs are and where you might be willing to compromise. Once you begin viewing properties, communicate with your agent clearly about what you like and don’t like about the houses you see, this will help them to search more clearly on your behalf.

Your agent will be there to guide you every step of the process but in short buyers can expect the following:

A written offer will be drawn up by your agent and any contingencies discussed such as; a home inspection or financing, will be communicated at this time. If necessary your agent will negotiate on your behalf drawing on their wealth of experience to secure an accepted offer. Be aware that a Purchase Offer is a non binding document.

This is paid for by the buyer and typically includes a visual inspection of the home and its major systems. We will supply you with at least three inspectors, or you are free to choose your own.

Until this point the home usually remains on the market and another buyer can emerge. At Rouse + Co we pride ourselves on guiding our buyers swiftly and precisely to secure their future home. Your attorney will receive the sales contract on your behalf and a deposit will be required at signing.

You are free to select a lender of your choosing, though your agent will provide (at least three) suggestions to aid you. Once chosen an appraisal will be performed by a licensed appraiser at the cost of the buyer.

Your attorney and agent will work closely, alongside your lender, to make sure everything is handled correctly for a smooth and prompt closing.